Bladhm Shrug

My Bladhm Shrug pattern was published in Knit Now, Issue 58, March 2016
Inspired by the Irish version of the Bell X1 song Flame.
This dainty, fiery shrug is knit using Yarn Stories Fine Merino 4ply yarn, it works up very quickly for a pretty cober up for a spring dress.
The shrug is knitted from cuff to cuff, starting with a twisted rib before increasing needle size to work lace. The first sleeve
is knitted in the round before working the centre back flat before rejoining and working the final sleeve in the round. The front edging is picked up along the opening and worked in the round.



Photos from Practical Publishing, Knit Now, Issue 58


fáinne geal an lae cropped cardigan pattern

Here is the pattern for fainne gheal on lae This pattern is for a seven almost eight year old.


Unfortunately, this cardigan pattern is  for only one size. As I am not a professional knitting designer, I don’t have the time to write and test the pattern in other sizes. Maybe at a later date, I might try to do!  And as I am not a professional, there maybe mistakes in the pattern, please contact me if you spot any or have any difficulty understanding my instructions. Go raibh mile maith agat! Continue reading


fáinne geal an lae

This yarn from Markree Wool Craft reminds me of the dusky pinks and purples in the twinkling light just before dawn so I named this cropped cardigan pattern, for a famous Irish traditional folk ballad, Fáinne Geal an Lae, the dawning of the day.003 - Copy

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