Crosaire socks

I Like Knitting

(c) I Like Knitting

My Crosaire (Cabled Crossroads) socks featured in April’s Edition of I Like Knitting. The socks are knit with Life in the Long Grass semi-solid Sock in Greenstone. 

The variegated top-down socks feature a cluster of cables along the sides which can be modified to adjust the height of the socks. You can customize the length and style of your socks by playing with the number of cable repeats.

The socks are worked in the round from the top down, staring with a double rib before merging in to the cable design which incorporates closed loop. The socks can be ankle height, with one cable repeat or longer with 2, 3, or even more. The ribbing continues along the length of the sock for comfort and stretch before continuing into a ribbed heel, ribbed foot and shaped gusset and finishing with a grafted toe.


(c) I Like Knitting


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