Gaiety Girl Fibre Arts


photo 3 (2)-001

A delicious asassortmentt of colours from Gaiety Girl Fibre Arts. Colours so bright, the camera had a hard time getting an accurate picture.

A popping pink organic merino sock yarn called Scatach,photo 1 and four aran weight supersoft organic Merinos; a buttercup Bealtaine,photo 2 (1) sky-blue Meitheamh, photo 3 (1)purple Mébhphoto 4 (1)and mint green 5 (1)

The Aran weight is available in 100 gram skeins and each skein has approximately 225 metres while the sock weight, also in 100 gram skeins has 400 metres of luscious organic Merino.

The yarn is sourced in the United Kingdom and primarily spun from Irish and British fleece and the hand-painted and hand dyed in Co. Kildare.



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