Stitch Masters

“Turtle Eating a Leaf” the Scientist (age 6)

The little people have been busy with my new knitting tool.

Up to now, I have made my charts in Word tables. The charts were fit for purpose but it was a long slow laborious process. So after some internal debate, I decided to invest in  Cathy Scott’s StitchMastery, a knitting chart generator program thingamy- bob. It’s great, easy and intuitive to use. In fact so easy, the minions gave it a go. And another go, even the littlest four year old sidekick had a turn or two. Now I have an interesting collection of brightly coloured charts that *must* be turned into something woolly!

“Butterfly” by the Bookworm Princess (8)


“Teddy for T” by the Bookworm Princess


“Scorpion” by the Scientist

??? by the Sidekick aged 4

“Dinosaur” by the Sidekick



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