moll etain

In Celtic mythology, Étaín outshone all other women in beauty and gentleness. Consequently she became a victim of both desire and jealousy. When the fairy king Midir fell in love with her, his wife Fuamnach, transformed Étaín into a pool of water and later, into a scarlet fly, to be blown over the ocean for seven years. When she was finally able to return to Ireland, she fell into a glass of wine which was drunk by a woman who longed for a child. Étaín was reborn and she later married a High King of Ireland. Eventually Midir found her again and they transformed into swans and flew away.

This stole or shawl is reminiscent of the wings of a swan. The lace pattern is knit side to side on 5mm needles using Fairy Lawn Alpaca Lace-Weight. Stitches are then picked up along the top and the body of the shawl is knit in garter stitch and shaped using short rows. By changing the number of lace repeats, number of short rows and the number of stitches used in each short row, the pattern can be made into varying different lengths or depths.


Pattern for Étaín will be available in May


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