Mini Spinning

I am sick, I’ve got an affliction, I’m under the weather, I’m not feeling the best. I’m a bit worse for wear. In fact, I think I might have caught a bug. There’s no medicine to cure me, no remedy, and as I’ve used up all the fibre I own, the outcome is bleak.207

You see I’ve got the spinning bug. I discovered the therapeutic nature of creating my own yarn and the only hindrance is my now lack of raw materials. But it was fun while it lasted.

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Each mini skein is less than 40 grams, the smallest only 12. I could incorporate them all in one project, a mad hatter’s hat or gloves for a particularly colour-loving clown but I will probably use them as highlights or contrasts with other yarn.


3 thoughts on “Mini Spinning

  1. that is so sad! on the other hand – I wish I could say that I have manged to spin up all my stash – wouldn’t happen if I spun 24/7 for weeks… maybe you could send me your postal address and I could send a remedy?:) I am sure I’d find bits and pieces you could use to heal your affliction, even if only temporarily…
    get better soon:)

    • thanks Bettina,
      I might just take you up on that! have a few knitting projects/ Christmas presents that I must get through first before I get distracted by my spinde. 😉
      Thanks for your kind offer

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