Ceann Cait

I’ve a thing for owls. There are many owl hats floating round my house and now here’s another one! Modelled by the scientist ceann cait

I’ve made many hats incorporating owl cables, it’s a favourite texture of mine. This owl is knit using a combination of cables on a reverse stocking stitch background. I experimented here with eyelets for the eyes and long ears, hence the name, ceann cait, the long eared owl. The yarn I was using was practically troublesome; I only had 70 grams, less than 50 metres and secondly there were huge variations in the thickness of the yarn, from very chunky to very thin. The stitching looks a little wonky in places as a result. I had just enough yarn for a child size version, but for an adult, I would add an extra owl repeat and a few extra rows of ribbing in the beginning and also some more rows of reverse stocking stitch before decreasing for the crown.photo

Ceann Cait is made with 100 per-cent pure  Galway Sheep’s wool from the Sheep and Wool Centre in Leenane, Co. Galway.


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