Duilleoga an Fhómhair

Duilleoga an Fhómhair, a cloche style hat mimicking the colours of autumn leaves, using some of the yarn from the Sheep and Wool Centre.Duilleoga na Fhómhair

This was a toughie, I frogged this hat so often, I was seeing green.First I tried the báinín wool and 7mm needles but I ran out of wool. A quick rethink, maybe brown and yellow cosúil le autumnal leaves, that might be nice. Using brown yarn and size 5mm needles, I cast on eighteen stitches for cable band, but again not enough yarn.  I started afresh with ten stitches in the band width. Plenty of yarn this time but the band was a little thin. Last try, split the difference, thirteen stitches, cable six front and back in a nice braid and one stitch for the edge. Perfect and just enough wool too.  The ornate band suited a plain body in a complementing colour, my yellow gorse. A little embellishment to finish. This cute owl button suited the woodland theme perfectly.

Where: The Sheep and Wool Centre, Leenane

Price: 9.90 Euro for a skein/ ball of 50 grams. € 5 for a sample pack of 3 colours 20-30 grams of each

Manufacturer: The Sheep and Wool Centre, Leenane

Yarn type: Pure wool made from the fleece of Texel and Connemara Blackface sheep

Description: natural plant-dyed yarn Irish wool. Mature gorse flowers

These flowers are simmered with yarn and fixed with alum

Needle size: none specified; 5mm?

Yarn Weight: Not specified, maybe Aran /worsted weight. Evenly spun

Colour:  Yellow orche made from gorse flowers,  brown made from lichen

as modelled by the bookworm princess

as modelled by the bookworm princess


2 thoughts on “Duilleoga an Fhómhair

  1. Finished the hat, loved how it came out, but I don’t know how to send a picture 😦 I used Adriafil Regina yarn in a burgundy /cranberry color. Thank you for an easy pattern to follow, I’ll definitely try some more of yours 🙂

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