Second Hand Spice

Rummaging through a local second-hand charity shop , I stumbled across a bag of yarn. Most were lableless cones, all vintage but with no means of identification. After some mooching, right at the bottom, I came upon this little gem,Tivoli Spice

Spice from Tivoli.

Okay, mmm well this is perplexing. Where does Tivoli yarn fit in on my yarn Odyssey? Tivoli Spinners Ltd are based in Little Island in Cork . The rumour mill has it no wool produced in Ireland is used there at present though has been in the past, but of late imports all yarn from Turkey. I have heard it said that no spinning or dyeing is completed on th green grassy shores of Cork either. The website declares that it is Ireland’s leading distributor of of branded yarns and designs for hand knitting but makes no mention of spinning, dyeing or any manufacture. Is it guilt by omission? While other Tivoli  labels of late declare the origins of the yarn as made or spun in Turkey under license, the ball band of this particular yarn says naught but doesn’t go hooting about being made in Ireland either. However, after a bit more digging, I’m sure this yarn is discontinued and has been for a while. The absence of a URL or website address on the yarn band leaves me to presume that it may also  pre-date the digital age and the interweb.Spice Label

In or out, that is the question? In its favour, Tivoli Spinners Ltd is an Irish company, and that particular ball of yarn may have been at least partially produced here. Against it, its ambiguity; does it import all products now and still try to hold on to its Irish brand but may not support the sheep or textile industry as much as it could, or indeed should,  outsourcing  instead to more profitable countries? Its a pickle.Tivoli Spice

Where: Second-hand Charity Shop, Castlebar

Price: 50 cent for 50 grams ( 30 metres)

Manufacturer: Tivoli Spinners Ltd

Description: 54% wool, 46% polyamide

Needle size: 10mm

Tension:  13 rows and 10.5 stitches over 10cm

Yarn Weight: Not specified, A fashion yarn

Colour: Multicoloured, Shade no. 643, dye lot 126


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