Coileán Beag Donn

photo (2)Project number two in my Irish yarn odyssey , using my second skein of  Back to Back Yarn, this time an un-dyed Jacob sheep homespun wool. This is a soft but coarse looking yarn with a fuzzy halo. A coffee brown yarn with flecks of white, cream and a darker brown running through. It is spun quite uniformly, a chunky or heavy aran weight yarn. I found it knit well with 5mm needles. I tried a cabled hat, but any details were lost in the texture of the wool. After frogging the hat, I was looking for a new

The littlest minion was pining for a puppy, so Coileán Beag Donn was born. Knit on 5mm needles entirely in the round, except for his floppy ears, the pattern was quite challenging to design. I also wanted to ensure there would be no seams left to sew at the end.(one of my pet hates)  Unfortunately, I ran out of brown yarn before I could complete the puppy and ended up using black acrylic for the ears. His legs are a little on the short side too. Luckily, it all adds to his charm. Add a blue ribbon tie and some simple black embroidered features to finish. He’s definitely a hit with the third heir, who has adopted and christened him Donagh Doughnut. Sorry, I should say her, it appears she’s a girl!



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