Museum of Country Life

Yesterday, the scientist and his sidekick were entertaining guests. So leaving the man of the house to referee, the little flower and myself took ourselves to The Museum of Country Life. While I have been there many times, I never really had a chance to look around the exhibitions. I had a particular interest in looking at the textiles exhibit. The eldest minion was on a mission however to  hunt down Peader, the pygmy shrew; ten little cut outs hidden in the exhibits. (We found nine, one on level B eluded us)

Photos from Turlough House

Photos from Turlough House

The Museum has a small permanent exhibition on traditional crafts in the home. Included in the display were examples of traditional geansaí, socks, hats, a crochet blanket and other traditional costumes.

Displays  in Turlough House

Photos from Turlough House

Here you can see spinning wheels, a drop spindle, old hand carders, examples of dyes, natural and commercial as well as both dyed and undyed fleece and other traditional tools.

Photos from Turlough House

Photos from Turlough House

A very interesting display of old photos and text complimented the items on exhibition. The exhibit is child friendly with an example of a basic loom to try and tactile fleece to feel. In the kids corner on the ground-floor, they can try on replicas of traditional costumes including a knitted hat. There is also an education room, where a knitting group meets twice a month. Turlough house is a  local treasure  and its well worth passing a few hours here. Best of all its free!

Please excuse the photos, the low light, covering glass on the displays and the use of spots make taking decent photos on an iphone difficult.

There is some Studio Donegal,  Soft Donegal and Donegal Tweed for sale in the Gift shop. It also has a cute A3 size poster of traditional Aran jumper stitches and their meanings and some old photos of traditional crafts as postcards. Nice little souvenirs for our overseas visitors or knitting (3)


2 thoughts on “Museum of Country Life

  1. Found this very interesting. I would have liked to be home for the gathering but my daughter in Kilmena had her baby in May so I had to go home earlier. I am surprised at the lack of knitting being done these days. Have never been to Westport Country Market but definitely will go next time I am home. The best source of yarn I could find when home was a store in the town centre.

    • Hi Brenda, glad you enjoyed the post. I think there is more of a lack of affordable yarn shops in the west of Ireland, than a lack of interest in knitting, I know I used to buy my yarn on the web.

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