Hands of Blue

photo (4)

My first yarn on my odyssey, I’m a little bit excited. I feel as this is a unique yarn, it should have a unique pattern too. So what shall I  make with this darlin’.

100 grams of homespun and dyed yarn,  enough for a hat or pair of mittens or fingerless gloves according to June at Back to Back. The yarn is quite tightly spun in places, alternating thick and thin with bits of the farmyard still attached. It seems coarse but doesn’t feel too scratchy next to the skin.  I tried out a few swatches in different sizes , 5mm, 4.5mm and 4mm. My 5mm swatch gave an open knit, while the 4mm, a more closed knit without loosing the rustic, home spun charm and texture of the wool. As I knit, the colour is more like a dark denim, the natural dyes giving lovely variations in colour, like a favourite pair of old jeans that have been through the wash more than a few times. The dye is most definitely not colour fast, my hands were blue afterwards, but it washed out quite easily. Whatever this ball of wool becomes, it will  be taking baths by it self.

A hat it is! I like hats, you can never have enough of them. My blue hands reminded me of the sea and mermaids.  A hat for a mermaid. An Mhaighdean Mhara. Now I have a title for my pattern, I just need a pattern. After some searching through stitch directories and scribbling and editing charts, I decided on some fishtail lace (of course), a bit of reverse stocking stitch and more lace, flower lace, this time  to top it off. All that was left was to  knitted it up. Seo í!  After blocking it has become a little looser than I would like, but still holds a bit of Gatsby charm, fit for a Flapper.maighdean mhara


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