Road trip to Westport

Back to Back

Back to Back

Today, me and my three minions took a trip to Westport.

After much stamping of feet, threats of leaving people behind and bribery of ice-cream and waffles, we eventually hit the road for “the best small town in Ireland” (its true! or so say the Irish Times). Luckily its just down the road.

Just in time too. Westport Country Market was tidying up for the day. First, some organic veggies and Carrowholly Cheese and then, the real reason we were there, Back to Back, homespun wool, naturally dyed by June Bourke in Westport. Back to Back is a small company producing Homespun and Natural Dyed wool.The wool comes from Jacob, Suffolk and Texel sheep reared on their own farm near Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Knitting wool is available in many colours and garments are designed and hand-knit.

100 grams of indigo/navy blue wool from June’s own sheep, all sheared, washed, combed and carded, spun and dyed by her lovely self …. and 100 grams of natural Jacob sheep wool, a lovely warm brown colour. I tried to resist buying two balls. I really, really did. Best of all 100% home-grown Irish. Déanta i Maigh Eo!

Now to get knitting with these beauties. Where are my needles?


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